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Dedicated to Video Content Creation, Animation & Editing

​As a video animation, video editing and content creation house, our priority is to deliver outstanding creative video content that meets needs within the schedule and budget. Our dedication to understanding video design, content creation and storytelling allows us to deliver engaging, and successful video. Professionally designed, animated, edited, and created high-quality video for social media, client success, advocacy, sales, conference and web have proven to effectively help brands and companies grow business and return investment. 
Our specialty is utilizing new and especially repurposed video footage to visually elevate, emotionally engaging and intellectually captivate, resonating in the hearts and minds of target audiences.

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Our Services

Studio Sky Approach


Animated video is an engaging instrument that can help tell a story more comprehensively. 65% of people are visual learners. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. 


Studio Sky will take existing footage and enhance it with animation, or can create a variety of animated formats to be used in marketing channels, sales tools, or conference promotion to help create a wider market.

Video Editing

The key to great video editing is blending footage, images, and sounds to help us feel emotionally connected. Video editing is among the most important jobs in the video content creation process.

Studio Sky will edit video by rearranging footage, shots and scenes, and audio to create a new output. Video transitions, or adding animation can create content that will enhance your messaging, as well as establish emotional connections, and strengthen brand awareness.

Content Creation

Targeting specific end-users and audiences in context to individual projects, campaigns, branding, and marketing data, Studio Sky can help you to contribute relevant, imaginative, emotionally connected, and compelling video content for business.  

Video content is a powerful marketing tool. The key to successful video content is to keep your target audience engaged and interested in your brand, product, or service. Video content can help to attain strategic goals.

Our Mission

As a video storyteller, Studio Sky repurposes existing video to create shorter and efficient video stories, providing significant content for a variety of business applications and channels.


As a female-owned business, Studio Sky uses a diverse set of skills and forward-thinking solutions to create new video production and highly creative video content to bring an array of financial savings, multiple assets, and significant return on investment.

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What people are saying about Studio Sky

Smiling Lady

Sky came up with an idea for us to shoot video of our band. Then she took what we did and turned it into a genuine art piece.


—  Sara Ann

Our Clients

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You can reach out to us by calling 714-801-3453 or you can also email us on for further details.

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