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About Studio Sky
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About Studio Sky

Spending quite a bit of time in ad agencies, design studios, production vendors, corporations, and, of course, video animation and editing bays, managing, developing, planning, and executing as a collaborator and team member, I have brainstormed, strategically planned, resourced, and created a variety of animated and edited video content for promotional and sales lead generation, client advocacy and client success, company branding, industry blogs, social media, product explanation, thought leadership, and web display advertising. 

Successful video and design content asks these three questions:

  1. What can video and designed content add to a marketing and sales conversation?

  2. How would that content connect with your brand, product, service or value proposition?

  3. What content will customers be connected with?

Animating, editing, and designing your content or repurposing your existing video library can multiply results of content creation, while generating success within your marketing channels leading to increased viability, brand awareness, and, return on your investment.

Our Clients

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